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      The New Kitchen is Open!

      Machine, The New Kitchen is Open!
      We baked the first batch of Dog Mamma's Oven Baked Treats in our new kitchen in mid-May!  The expansion to the new kitchen gives us the opportunity to produce at a level to meet our customer demand.  It also gives us the opportunity for some exciting expansion!

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      Opening Soon!!! Dog Mamma's Organic Dog Treats New Canine Kitchen!

      Mammal, Opening Soon!!!  Dog Mamma's Organic Dog Treats New Canine Kitchen!

      We are so excited to announce that our new organic Canine Kitchen will be opening on the Treasure Coast very soon! 


      Thank you to all of our many customers for supporting Dog Mamma's Oven Baked Treats and helping us grow our business. Our #1 priority has and will always be, baking the highest quality treats for your dog. 

      As demand has grown for our treats, we had the choice of either sending them out to be manufactured and packaged else where, or keeping them here, in our hometown of Stuart, Florida. 

      We made the choice to stay here, build out a new kitchen and continue to make our handcrafted treats in our own commercial kitchen.  We have our hands on every step of the process from mixing, baking, packaging and shipping our treats to you each day. 

      So stay tuned as we get ready to fire up the ovens in our brand new kitchen!

      Our mission remains the same ~ to help you make better treat choices for your dog by providing deliciously simple organic treats that support sustainable farming, clean eating for your dog and your right to know.