My Story About Our Company – Dog Mamma's Organic Dog Treats

About Our Company

Biddy and I 



What makes us different?  We make it all by hand, baked to order in our own bakery just for dogs.  We start each day early and with intention ~ mixing, cutting, baking and packaging our treats.


At Dog Mamma’s we believe that what we feed our dogs does matter to their health and well-being and we believe in the right to know what is in our pet’s food.


“We” are a husband and wife team.  I do all the baking each day and my husband comes in to package, box and ship your orders.   In a world of co-packers, private label brands, and mega manufacturers...we are a homemade, by hand company.  From the labels on our bags, to each and every treat we bake and ship from our bakery.


We use only 100% USDA organic certified ingredients in all of our treats.  Just Real Food.  You’ll never find any artificial ingredients, corn, wheat or soy, preservatives or chemicals in our treats.


We proudly bake our treats in our own canine bakery in Stuart, Florida.  We put a little piece of our heart in each bag of treats that we mix, bake, and package.  From our bakery to your dog.


Just deliciously simple, wholesome goodness for your dog.


You’ll only find healthy choices in our cookies.  Super foods like golden delicious Pumpkin, anti-oxidant rich Kale, vitamin packed Butternut Squash, plump, juicy Blueberries, and sweet Bananas, Carrots and Coconuts - every bite in each tasty recipe is packed full of beneficial fruits and vegetables that dogs love.


Treat your dog to something better.


 Why we do it.

I just wanted something better for my dogs and I wanted to know. 

I began competing in dog sports almost 10 years ago, and quickly realized that I couldn’t feed my canine athletes junk food and that there was a LOT of highly processed junk food for dogs on the market.  I believe that the quality of the ingredients and how they were grown and handled before we give them to our dogs makes a huge impact on a dog’s overall health and wellness.

So, I began the journey to create a tasty snack for dogs in my own kitchen by baking treats the same way you would make homemade cookies for your own family.  When it came to the ingredients I used, I made the decision early on to use only USDA certified organic ingredients.  I wanted clean ingredients that were grown using sustainable, organic farming practices.

How we do it.

What started in my own kitchen has now grown into our own organic bakery for dogs located in Stuart, Fl.  In a complex world, making our treats is the easy part.  Just like at home, everything goes into the (big!) mixer, we cut the cookies, bake them and bag them up.   We bake every day in our organic bakery for you and your dog. 


Machine, About Our Company 


We walk the walk.

If you are going to talk the talk of "all natural" you need to be able to walk the walk.  

We are committed to transparency in our ingredients and only using those ingredients which meet this rigorous criteria.  We use only 100% human-grade USDA certified organic ingredients in all of our treats. 


Who we do it for.

For each of us, our dogs occupy that special place in our hearts, and they are here with us for a relatively short time.  Keeping them healthy and able to enjoy a long full life begins with what we feed them.

I did it for my own dogs and for your dog too.  While we like to think we can make homemade all the time, sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.  I wanted to make it easier for other dog lovers to treat their dogs with purpose and intention.

Staying true.

Our mission is to help you make better treat choices for your dog by providing deliciously simple organic treats and supporting sustainable farming, clean eating for your dog and your right to know.


You can find us today online, on Amazon Prime and at independent pet stores, organic markets and boutiques across the country.  If you are local, please stop by and see us in the kitchen!

104 NE Dixie Hwy, Stuart, FL  34994


And the #1 Question we get?  "Is that your dog on the bag?"

Why, yes that is!  Our girl Biddy is featured on the bag. She is a Brittany and today she is almost 10.  The logo is taken from the first Best of Breed win she and I had together back in 2013.  While she has a little gray hair, she is still fit, trim and super active as a senior dog and living her best life.  These days her activities include running with me, playing in the yard, lounging poolside and meeting and greeting the neighbors each day!  Love this dog!


Faces I love....


Beautiful dogs Biddy organic dog treats

Biddy ~ The Queen Bee....And of course, our Cover Girl on the logo

Westminster Kennel Club Brittany Biddy

Biddy ~ My beautiful girl...making dreams come true at the Westminster Kennel Club 2014

Brittany Hunting Dog Tristan

Tristan ~ Our handsome boy doing what he loves the best - got birds?!

Cute Brittany Puppy

Sweet puppy Nate - our little wild child


If you have a question, please don't hesitate to reach out either by e-mail or phone.  We invite you to follow us on instagram and facebook where we talk dogs, canine nutrition, fitness and all things dog.  And of course, share photos of our dogs!!!!

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PS:  you can reach me at or 772-485-5029