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Is Your Dog Ready To Travel When Disaster Strikes?

This post was previously published by Kathryn Durno on 4Knines blog.

Is Your Dog Ready to Travel When Disaster Strikes?

It has been a crazy summer of devastating hurricanes, flooding, fires and other disasters. Is your dog prepared to weather the storm?

Is Your Dog Ready to Travel When Disaster Strikes?


We just spent a week on the road with our three dogs after being evacuated for Hurricane Irma. It was extremely stressful and full of anxiety for us and our dogs. I felt prepared and ready to keep my dogs as calm as possible under the circumstances. Sadly, as we crawled down the highway in bumper to bumper traffic, it became clear that many dog owners were just not prepared to travel in an emergency with their dog.

There are a lot of logistics to consider when you take a road trip with your dog that involves long distance and overnight stays. Throw in a mandatory evacuation or other emergency and the stress that both you and your dog experience can go way up.

Here are my best tips for having your dog travel ready (emergency or not):

Keep a Bag Packed and Ready

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