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      Did I mention the puppies?!?!

      I've been off the blog really since March 2014...and a lot has happened in that time!  The last update on Biddy and Tristan was right after Biddy's trip to NYC for the Westminster Kennel Club - her retirement show!    It was an amazing trip and she looked so beautiful!  My husband had her official show photos framed for me...it is hard to get a good picture of it since it is already up on the wall but you get the idea! image   We came back home and changed gears and competed in the AKC Hunt test - which was our last official post.  Our long tim plan was to breed Biddy and Tristan for one litter.  So fast forward a year...and our beautiful litter of Tristan and Biddy puppies was born on February 7, 2015.  We had nine...yes nine!  adorable puppies...5 girls and 4 boys.  I created a blog for the puppies that I kept up until the time that they all went to their new families.  A wild and wonderful experience it was raising these pups.  Here is the link to the puppy blog with pictures galore: www.tristanandbiddypuppies.blogspot.com  you can follow them from just a few days until their last days at home with us.  You can also see all kinds of information about their breeding, health tests etc. We co-bred this litter with Biddy and Tristan's breeders and had Cheryl from their breeding team come down and perform the 8 week evaluation for our puppies.  It was a tough decision, as we had an outstanding litter...but at the end of the day my husband and I decided on Boy #3 - and he is now Dogwood Hollow Indialucie's Native Son - "Nate".  Nate just turned a year old last month.  He is in training to begin his show career shortly and is getting ready to go to his first Hunt Test this weekend and get on some birds!!!     [caption id="attachment_680" align="aligncenter" width="768"]image Sweet Baby Nate ~ he is around 7 months old in this photo[/caption]   It is hard to let them go, but we feel so lucky to have found eight other wonderful families for our puppies.  They keep in touch,, so we are able to watch them grow and it is a real joy to know that they are all thriving with their families.  Here is the whole gang!  Everyone sent in pictures on the puppies' first birthday - it is amazing how much they all look alike and also like Biddy and Tristan!   [caption id="attachment_679" align="aligncenter" width="768"]image All the puppies right at about 1 year old ~ in their birth order - same as on the puppy blog! I think "Lily" was the popular dog name this year!!!  [/caption]   [caption id="attachment_279" align="aligncenter" width="2048"]Biddy and Tristan -Christmas 2013 Naughty or nice? Biddy and Tristan -Christmas 2013
      Naughty or nice?  Our proud parents![/caption]   So....as you can see, between raising a litter of puppies, then just one new puppy, and a business (oh...and a move across the state and back for my husband's job....) ~ not much time to sit down and write the blog!  We are now back home and re-settled in!   So stay tuned....we will be back out at the hunt test next weekend to see how we do on some birds.  If Biddy has a good weekend and gets a Qualifying Leg both days, she will earn her Junior Hunt title.  Tristan is going into the weekend with one...so I'm just looking for forward progress.  He love, love, loves to hunt!  This will be Nate's first time on wild birds and being out in the field with the horses, the other dogs and the guns...I think once he figures out what the game is he is going to be so excited!!  He is a lot like Tristan, he can hunt in the yard all day...so I am anxious to see how he does! Thanks for coming back to visit us!!!

      Check it out!!



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      Dolphins Not Dogs Something Different

      At the end of a day of fishing we saw a group of dolphins near the boat.  They came closer and closer, so we decided to give them some of our left over bait.  They came right up to the side of the boat and to our surprise took the fish right out of our hands! An amazing experience on the water... 



      A dolphin coming in close to see what Sue has in her hand...

      Still thinking about it....


      Still thinking about it...

      .Taking the fish!

      Taking the fish! Thinking about it some more...

      Thinking about it some more...

      Taking it right from my hand underwater.

      Taking it right from my hand underwater.

      Getting your Ya Ya's Out!

      Biddy having WAY to much for with her friend Sierra Biddy having WAY to much for with her friend Sierra

      She is always so, so serious in her photos, and I am always saying now wild she can be, so here she is being crazy...she can't turn herself off, so often it requires parental intervention!! But this is just a pure, Yeehaw fun day with her dog friends!