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Dolphins Not Dogs Something Different

At the end of a day of fishing we saw a group of dolphins near the boat.  They came closer and closer, so we decided to give them some of our left over bait.  They came right up to the side of the boat and to our surprise took the fish right out of our hands! An amazing experience on the water... 



A dolphin coming in close to see what Sue has in her hand...

Still thinking about it....


Still thinking about it...

.Taking the fish!

Taking the fish! Thinking about it some more...

Thinking about it some more...

Taking it right from my hand underwater.

Taking it right from my hand underwater.


  • along with cats and squirrels, Dolphins are another one of my obsessions! Did you know I can do a mean Dolphin impersonation? I sure can! I can do the sound AND shoot water through the space in my front teeth! :)

  • This will sound funny, but I have always dreamed of something like that happening if I was ever out on a boat (which isn’t often at all). Not only is it awesome it happened, but that you caught it on camera. I fed some dolphins once at Sea World in Orlando, but that wasn’t the same as being in the wild and doing it. Thanks for sharing. I found your blog through the WW Blog Hop!

  • It was really neat…they came right up. what is your blog’s name…I will find you there! :)

  • Wow, that is so cool! More sea creature photos today :) Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!

    Ann Staub
  • That is cool!


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