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Nuts for the Peanut

Our favorite work out tool is the peanut from FitPaws Fit Paws .

Both of my Brittanys work on the peanut 3-4 times a week...each session is about 5-6 minutes. As you can see Biddy will do anything for even the smallest bite of food....I feed dry kibble and on peanut days I use a portion of their breakfast for the work out so I don't add extra calories. They are so funny....when they hear me ask if they want to do the peanut they race to the guest bedroom door to see who will be able to go first! I am a huge fan of core strength for my dogs and the peanut is a really versatile piece the gets it done efficiently! And as you can fun too!

We will post a regular series on FitPaws exercises but check out their site.




She’s a machine in the peanut! :)


Wow – impressive work – such a great workout for your pups! And good thinking spacing out the breakfast tobe the rewards – too many people forget to do that.

SlimDoggy (@MySlimDoggy)

One of these days in will include the “pre” exercise part of the video…where the dogs are pushing and shoving one another to get in the door to be the first on the peanut! You can never just let one do it…the one that doesn’t get to go will throw such a fit! The LOVE working for the food!


That looks like a really great workout! I like these balance “balls” for dogs because they are fun so I am likely to stick with a routine. I am sure Gretel would have zero problem with this one. She will also do anything for food :)

Jessica Rhae (@YDWWYW)

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