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I am spending WAY less than I thought!

So this never, ever happens...after reviewing my finances I have realized that I am spending SIGNIFICANTLY less than I thought I was on pet healthcare! I went back and added up everything that I spent over the last 12 months for pet health care for 3 dogs. The grand total was $1382.99. This covered all of the wellness care for my three dogs - annual exams, blood work, shots and heart worm preventative.

I didn't have dental cleanings done this year - but if I did - it would have added on another $750. This year I had one after hours emergency visit, and 2 visits for illness that included x rays and prescriptions. I was really interested in the wellness plan from AKC - however it was really expensive $81/month premium (per dog!), $125 deductible, but it then paid 80% of all claims - which included regular visits, annual exams, diagnostics, an annual dental cleaning with anesthesia, heart worm and/or flea/tick prevention, annual vaccines. After pricing it all out, though - it doesn't make sense to spend the money. Not withstanding any illness or injury - I estimate that I will spend around $500 per dog for annual wellness exam, shots, diagnostic and blood work, dental cleaning and heart worm flea/tick prevention.

Hopefully, we do not have any serious injury or chronic illness to deal with - so I think I am going to pass on wellness insurance for my pet, hang on to the money and use it for other fun things for my dogs! I am going to keep looking at plans for illness and injury...the monthly premiums are a lot less and in the event of something unforeseen, where the bills add up quickly, I think it still may be worth considering. My vet is also really good about helping you find human equivalent prescriptions for our dogs where they are appropriate - which has saved us money too.

As I was going through my finances and adding up all the vet bills, I saw a LOT of other charges for dog classes, competition, travel, photos etc...I think I am just going to let those float on by without adding them up....why put a damper on all the fun? Some things are better left unsaid! Have you ever purchased insurance for your pet?

Update:  this year Tristan had to have emergency surgery...all bets are off...he is fine, our budget, not so much!  Three trips to the regular vet, x-rays, tests, a trip to the specialist, the diagnosis, surgery, three days in the hospital to recover...$5,000 - I wish I had insurance but happy I have my dog!  The emergency vet directed us to Credit Care - interest free for the first year, which will help us pay it back without high fees. All dog competitions are on hold :(

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