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How much do you spend on pet healthcare? Part 1

Still stumbling through the loss of Nala...but interested to hear what everyone else has to say about pet insurance. On her last visit to the vet for her diagnosis it was a little over $300 for the visit, the x-rays, the cardiologist and some heart worm prevention. Then another $80 or so for her prescriptions. As I was relaying this to my mom, she asked if I had pet insurance...well, no I don't. At one time we were a 4 dog household, and I feel super fortunate to never have been in the position where I had to choose treatment or not due to financial reasons. But with that said the possibility of saving some money while providing top quality care for my babies would be nice. insurance is just as complex as human insurance and it isn't cheap. What I really need is a good preventative/wellness plan with options for illness and injury. A lot of the affordable plans out there just cover injury and illness, and not prevention. The Banfield (petsmart) plan is full wellness, but then means a change in vet, which I don't want to do. The AKC plan has a great wellness plan that includes everything I want but it is super expensive...around $80 per month per dog! Yikes! Before I do anything, I am going to pull all my records from this last year to see how much I have actually spent at the vet on each dog to see if it is worth it or not for me to have the insurance.

For me it is not a matter of providing the care or not, just can I save any money on it with insurance? I'll be researching my finances and will let you know. (I am almost afraid to find out how much I have spent on doggie fun stuff....but hey, it is why I work!) Do you know how much you have spent on your pet's healthcare this year? Do you have insurance or not?


  • We don’t pay a lot for healthcare beyond our dogs’ first year of life. I think a combination of a raw food diet, the luck of getting healthy dogs, and the information I’ve learned as a blogger has really contributed to our low vet bill.

    We have Trupanion pet insurance. I love them because they’re local to us and they took the time to explaine everything we needed to know to make sure our dogs were covered well and within our budget.

    Kimberly Gauthier
  • Thank you – good to know…I am going to keep researching injury and illness plans because I think it may be worth it for me – but I’m going to pass on the wellness plans..after all the research I think my vet is pretty reasonable on Wellness/preventative things. Trupanion was rated highly – so I will check them out. Thank you again!

  • I am with you……if I knew how much I spent on Chester and Gretel per year (total) I would probably be scared. However, I am lucky that they are healthy so only a fraction of that was spend on vet care. It’s always been my impression that pet heath insurance doesn’t save you money when it comes to prevention and regular stuff. It’s really there for when crap hits the fan. There it could save you a lot.

    For both dogs I pay $80 a month for insurance – $960 per year. This year, my vet bills have only been around $500. That was for routine stuff and my deductible for each illness is $500 anyway (with no lifetime limit). That means this year I spent almost $1,000 more than I needed to because of insurance. Last year my vet bills were $400 and Gretel had to visit the ER and it cost $2,000. Insurance was, again, $960. Pet insurance paid for all but $500 of Gretel’s visit so my total cost per year was $400 + $500 + $960 = $1500. Without insurance, but with the whole ER visit cost, it would have been $2,400. I did still save because I had pet insurance that year. Most years I pay more because of it though so a 10-year picture might not yield a significant savings. If something big went wrong with BOTH dogs, I know I would be able to afford whatever it was with pet insurance. That piece of mind is worth it for me.

    In case you are wondering, I have Trupanion pet insurance.

    Jessica Rhae (@YDWWYW)
  • Thank you…I am going to check out Trupanion…very highly rated and our vet recommended also. I’ve been pretty lucky all in all with my dog’s health too. I was really interested in then wellness plan, but after doing the research on my own costs…what I pay for routine care is no big deal. It is all the “other money” I spend on my dogs…classes, competition, fun stuff, more fun stuff, photos etc that is the problem!! Oh well…and no I am not going to disclose this number lol!


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