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Can your dog do this?

Seeing is believing...Do you need special equipment to get your dog in shape?  No...but it is really fun and can take your dog's fitness to the next level.  Here is  Biddy doing the same exercises we talked about in the last post, but up on her peanut.  The uneven surface gives her an incredible work out and she learns how to focus and balance.  Much the same way a human would use a balance disc or a bosu. So what you can see is as she starts to tire she doesn't fully get back into a stand or she sits down.  Here back legs are getting tired and she is working hard on those core muscles.  You can't really see it, but as she fatigues she will start to shake a little.  Keep in mind...this isn't her first day on this so she has worked up to this level.  My biggest fear ever for my dogs is that as they age they will "get down in the rear" or get injured competing in sports.  Having a strong rear and core is so important for your dog...especially as they get older. There are lots of good instructional videos out there if you decide to get fitness equipment for your dog.  The key is to remember to take it is just like a human, if you go all out at the gym for the first time in months, you won't want to go back very often!  Most of the equipment you buy will come with an instructional DVD - use it!!!  It will show you how to properly use the equipment and work your dog up to regular use and more challenging exercises. As you can tell from the video - my husband isn't too thrilled about making the video...but there is a line of dogs on the other side of the door anxiously waiting for their turn on the peanut!!!   [embed][/embed]

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