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Today we celebrated our dog Tristan's 3rd birthday.  He enjoyed a yummy, meaty bone, lounging in the A/C and some yogurt on top his dinner.  Later, once it cools off we will head over to the beach for a little romp in the sand before dark.  While 3 is not old by any means, marking a birthday reminds me that our life time with our dogs is relatively short, and that I need to and enjoy each one of them now.

The great thing about dogs is they are always "fully present" and always in the moment no matter what.  Rarely do you find a dog just "going through the motions", they are all in, all the time.  Even when you ask them to do things they really don't want to do...they do it any way just to make you happy.  

So today we celebrate Tristan....our sweet boy, who, after all is said and done will go down in the books as one of the best dogs we have ever had. He is the ultimate companion...he can never resist the chance to give you a "nose bump" which is his way of letting us know he cares. He is posing for his birthday picture here...I think he actually has his eye on a squirrel or a bird across the yard.

Tristan on his 3rd birthday Tristan on his 3rd birthday

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