Big News Coming!!!!! Dog Mamma's Organic Dog Treats

Big News Coming!!!!!

We have some big changes coming to Dog Mamma's soon!  My dream is finally becoming a reality!!!!!  Back in 2012 I walked into my local bank and opened a business account.  The lady at the bank asked me what my new business was.  I told her that my dream has been to have my own organic dog treat business.  I told her that didn't know how, but I knew that if I stuck to would become a reality.  It has been a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs and uncertainty, but we are finally here! As I got up to leave I told her that by the time I was 50 my brand was going to be out there, serving pet parents that believe what we give our dogs matters. I was going to build my little company on my desire to intentionally treat, choose small and give back. you might guess, 50 is right around the corner, I'm taking a giant leap of faith and we are on the launch pad!!!!  Stay Tuned!!! cropped-cropped-Dog-Mammas_Logo_512x512px.jpg


  • Soooooo happy for you! As someone who had to “re-invent” around age 51, I APPLAUD YOU! I am now 60 and APPLAUD YOU EVEN MORE!!!! Wishing you the BEST of luck! DakotasDen

  • Thank you so much!!! I’m really excited about it…and it truly is teaching an old dog a new trick!!! (if my dogs can do it, so can I!)


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