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Big News Coming!!!!!

We have some big changes coming to Dog Mamma's soon!  My dream is finally becoming a reality!!!!!  Back in 2012 I walked into my local bank and opened a business account.  The lady at the bank asked me what my new business was.  I told her that my dream has been to have my own organic dog treat business.  I told her that didn't know how, but I knew that if I stuck to would become a reality.  It has been a lot of twists and turns, ups and downs and uncertainty, but we are finally here! As I got up to leave I told her that by the time I was 50 my brand was going to be out there, serving pet parents that believe what we give our dogs matters. I was going to build my little company on my desire to intentionally treat, choose small and give back. you might guess, 50 is right around the corner, I'm taking a giant leap of faith and we are on the launch pad!!!!  Stay Tuned!!! cropped-cropped-Dog-Mammas_Logo_512x512px.jpg

Our small batch treats are handcrafted
and USDA Organic Certified. Real fruits
and vegetables, all grown without the use
of harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilizers,
radiation or GMO’s. Just clean ingredients
for your dog.