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Becoming a Champion

Brittany Show Dog Reach and Drive movement

 Becoming a Champion - CH. Dogwood Hollow A Little Bit of Heaven -"Biddy" with Breeder Cheryl Mika.

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Biddy and her breeder Cheryl. It was November of 2011 in Ocala, FL. I was in the ring that day with Tristan and Cheryl was on Biddy. This photo was taken as they made the final go around and the judge pointed to Biddy and Cheryl.

She went Winnners Bitch and then on to Best of Winners for a 4 point major and her Championship. For sporting breeds there is a lot of focus on movement. For Brittanys specifically, you are looking for big side gait and reach and drive. As you can see in the photo, Biddy is all 4 off the floor, a LOT of reach and drive and all side gait. She isn't bent at the knee, or doesn't have say maybe a back foot down on the ground, but wide open. I also love this pic because as you can imagine, she is going fast, so you could literally take a thousand pictures of a dog doing this and not get one shot that actually captures kudos to Ring3 Studios for capturing this on film. Biddy and Cheryl are in full concentration mode...Biddy is one hair away from going over the edge, and Cheryl has her fully under control. Biddy is a handful, so sometimes, as you can imagine she can get a little out of control at this part if you let her. Her Breeder Cheryl grew up showing dogs and then after retiring from her career went back into showing dogs. She is part of Biddy's breeder team at Dogwood Hollow Brittanys... and has really helped us along the way. So this was a really proud moment for us all, Biddy becoming a Champion! She has gone on to a lot of wonderful things. We are going to wrap up her show career with a run at Westminster this week...she showed us early...she had something has been an incredible journey for us all! Lovin' my girl!!!


  • Congratulations on the CH! That’s a big accomplishment. We’re just starting the show ring career of my nine month old Icelandic Sheepdog on Saturday so we’re a ways away from that. Good luck at Westminster!!

  • Biddy is beautiful and the photo captures so much of her spirit.

  • Beautiful picture.

  • Wow. I love that picture too. Biddy just commands attention. I had to look at it a second time to realize there are people in the picture as well.

    Good luck next week! — K

  • Biddy will love to hear that you said she commands attention…at home it is more often with her behavior and mouth! She can be a bad girl at times…and Tristan by contrast is always so, so, so, good! lol


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